Create your own YouTube live radio!

Upload your songs and start streaming.

9.99 € / Month

10 GB Space

Continuous Stream

Create a Channel

Getting your own channel is easy on Clouden FM. Create a free Clouden account and get started with your new channel. Your Clouden FM channel gets linked to your YouTube account. If you do not have a YouTube account yet, you can create it on YouTube.

Upload Songs

Drag and drop songs in WAV format to your Clouden FM channel. Clouden FM will automatically play them forever, in randomized order, avoiding playing the same song twice in a row.

Start Streaming

Link your YouTube channel to Clouden FM and start your radio stream. You can change the song line up in real time and manage your channel on Clouden FM. In your YouTube stream you will have changing background pictures for your stream and the song and artist name will be shown dynamically.

Streams hosted by Clouden FM

Take a look at our YouTube live demo stream hosted by Clouden FM. See what you like?

Create your own stream on Clouden FM!